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Drumstick (Saragva)
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Thanks to Indian culinary explorers we get to taste different kinds of vegetables and fruits in our cities even when they are cultivated in other parts of the country. Some of them have a number of health benefits and are incorporated into regional dishes in many ways. One such vegetable that deserves our attention is drumstick or Moringa that derives its name from a Tamil word, murungai, meaning twisted pod. While Moringa has been proclaimed as one of the more recent superfoods, the fact is that this vegetable has been used in Indian cooking, especially in South Indian dishes for centuries. Be it something as simple as a sambhar or avail or just about any meat curry, pieces of drumsticks are often used. It may not be used in many North Indian dishes, but Moringa is steadily making its way to other regions too. Apart from South Indian dishes, you can add these to soups, salads, pickles, and different sauces for an added crunch.