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Building a Digital Ecosystem that Promotes Local Shopping Experience

Feezital®.com is an online initiative that strives to digitally increase local shopping by helping sellers to be visible and standout online and reach out to local and global buyers. We not only support local sellers gain digital presence and maximize their business, but also help buyers enjoy unbeatable shopping experience by discovering best products online & buying it online or offline directly.

Our Mission

To converge the online and offline shopping experience by building a geolocation-driven online system that brings the local sellers into the digital fold. Sellers can now digitally showcase and sell their products to consumers online and offline, while shoppers can browse and choose online, then buy directly from the store instantly – without middleman commission.

Our Vision

Uplift the local market with the power of digital medium – Feezital®.com, and digitally organize small and medium businesses to effectively exhibit their product and deliver convenience to customers nearby to worldwide by delivering equally good or better experience than an eCommerce giant, while maximizing ROI for their business.

Feezital® is a registered trademark of Feelkaro Online Media Private Limited and we are DIPP Recognized startup in the Startup India Program.

Why Feezital® – Our Story

While the world is getting highly addicted to online eCommerce, with big players cashing on the moolah in exchange for discounts, time and convenience, there is also another side to this glittering story. It is of dissatisfaction (on product quality), Economic inequality (Only a few large companies rule the market to monopolize profits.) and regret (for being lured to big discounts on inflated prices).

Feezital®.com is a location-based shopping portal for the convenience of online shopping. It is born to break-free from the illusion of ‘convenient’ online shopping with the larger goal to support the local stores and contribute to the local economy. Consumers can now browse online for their required products, and buy online or offline directly from the nearby stores at their own convenience. Feezital® is here to reinstate your local shopping experience. You can get superior service, high-quality products, widest variety, best discounts and direct deals with a better online shopping experience than all other large eCommerce companies – also, with the ‘human’ advantage of first directly talk to the seller then buy.

Hardas Odedra


Feezital®.com (FeelKaro Online Media Pvt. Ltd) is the brainchild of Hardas Odedra, a startup enthusiast who is known to be empathetic to the human aspect in a business. This attitude to business can be very much conferred to his deep interest in understanding human behaviour and user experience through his professional involvement as an UI/UX designer and Creative Director.

Hardas brings with him more than 10 years of experience in branding, interactive and product design engagements for brands, and is responsible for the creative and strategic direction of the Company. Prior to establishing FeelKaro Online Media PVT LTD, Hardas worked at prominent branding and digital design agencies in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Hong Kong / Macau, working with a diverse range of industry that include Event & Promotion, Technology, Retail and Management amongst many others.

Hardas strongly believes that the future lies in a convergence between online and offline sales. Feelkaro Online Media Private Limited is DIPP recognised startup in the Startup India Program.

Samat Odedara


Creative & efficient design professional with over 13+ years of experience in mobile app & web design projects from around the world.

Expertise in various design and development skills with hands-on experience in Frontend Development, SEO, Digital Marketing & Team Management.

Sarman Ranavaya


Sarman has been in love with coding for over 6 years. Sarman has a computer engineering degree. He has experience as a full-stack developer and team-leader.