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Simple 5 steps for starting to sell online your products in 2 minutes, without technical knowledge & investment, own online store, direct payment, zero% commission, no return, no fine.

Simple 5 steps for starting to sell online your products in 2 minutes, without technical knowledge & investment, own online store, direct payment, zero% commission, no return, no fine.

1. Create an eCommerce store for free.

First and foremost, having your own eCommerce store is the most crucial step in this journey. A website helps you in showcasing every aspect of your products in a detail. You have to think from the perspective of the customers. They must feel persuaded and compelled to buy something once they land on your online store. Therefore, Products presentation is everything. Make sure all your products are featured on the online store along with all their details. Create an eCommerce store to sell your products within just 2 minutes using Feezital Seller App without technical knowledge or investment. Just download the Feezital Seller app from the Play store or log in at to get started.

2. Create your social media accounts for free.

The establishment of your company’s digital identity is critical. Modern customers use the internet to find local services and products. As a result, you must ensure that when customers search for anything, your business or brand is visible on the internet. It also boosts your business’s digital trustworthiness. The most popular channels are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where you may create an account for free. Make sure to include any company-related information, such as the location, address, contact information (phone number and email), and catalogs/website links.

3. Get listed on local search engines like google map for free.

Once you have proven your credentials, you should approach professional local business directory websites or search engines such as Google My Business. It is a platform where thousands of local enterprises have already registered. When your company becomes a part of such an ecosystem, where thousands of consumers come seeking various products and services, your customer traffic is likely to rise. It features a smartphone app and a website that draws a large number of local customers every day. When customers start discovering you on local search engines like Google my business and Feezital, your business will see a rapid boom.

4. Run ad campaigns on social media and google with a low budget.

Google and other social media platforms are the simplest and most successful ways to market your business on the internet. You’ve probably seen the search-based advertising that appears as the first few links on Google when you do a search. This is a feature of Google Ads. Furthermore, when you access a webpage, advertisements appear in numerous places on the page. These are adverts that are part of a larger ad campaign conducted by a variety of firms. These are based on your previous searches or preferences. That is a fantastic low-cost strategy to appear on internet pages with a high volume of frequent visitors.

5. Collaborate with influencers for barter deals.

This is a more current approach to digital marketing, yet such relationships may deliver quick results. It basically means addressing social media influencers (people who have lakhs of followers on their social media handles). They have the ability to reach a large number of individuals in the blink of an eye. However, hiring them to market your products, services, or content is also costly. As a result, a barter transaction is you giving your product/service to them in exchange for them mentioning you/your business on their social media postings. In this manner, both sides benefit at the same time.

These are the five most successful and often used methods for local businesses and small businesses to go digital in order to increase their business and reach.

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